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Volume 107, Issue 4

Anecdotes Versus Data in the Search for Truth About Multidistrict Litigation

Lynn A. Baker, Frederick M. Baron Chair in Law, University of Texas School of Law & Andrew Bradt, Professor of Law; Associate Dean of J.D. Curriculum & Teaching; University of California, Berkeley School of Law

Jan 2023

Data Versus More Data in Multidistrict Litigation

Elizabeth Chamblee Burch, Fuller E. Callaway Chair of Law, University of Georgia School of Law

Jan 2023

Rhetoric and the Creation of Hysteria

Ediberto Román, Professor of Law, Florida International University & Ernesto Sagás, Professor of Ethnic Studies, Colorado State University

Dec 2022

Scientific Evidence: Grand Theories and Basic Methods

Curtis E.A. Karnow, Judge of The California Superior Court (County of San Francisco)

Aug 2022