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Forthcoming Articles & Essays

New York Bail Reform: A Quick Guide to Common Questions and Concerns

Emmanuel Hiram Arnaud & Beulah Sims-Agbabiaka

In 2019, the New York’s State budget included sweeping criminal justice reform legislation that eliminated cash bail and pretrial detention for many misdemeanor and nonviolent felony defendants, among other watershed provisions. After receiving community and lobbying organization input, feedback, and massive pushback on the reform measures, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approved changes to the…

Jul 2020

The Illusory Promise of Stakeholder Governance

By Lucien Bebchuk and Roberto Tallarita

Abstract Corporate purpose is now the focus of a fundamental and heated debate, with rapidly growing support for the proposition that corporations should move from shareholder value maximization to “stakeholder governance” and “stakeholder capitalism.” This Article critically examines the increasingly influential “stakeholderism” view, according to which corporate leaders should give weight not only to the…

Jul 2020

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