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Accidental Suicide Pacts and Creditor Collective Action Problems: The Mortgage Mess, the Deadweight Loss, and How to Get the Value Back

For six years now, the nation has been struggling with the fallout of a residential real estate bubble and bust. From their 2006 highs, housing prices are down nationally by 26.4%. In harder hit communities, the figure is significantly higher. In Nevada, for example, house prices remain 51.6% below their 2006 peak levels. This is […]

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Reform or Abolition? A Comment on Colleen V. Chien & Mark A. Lemley, Patent Holdup, the ITC, and the Public Interest

Colleen Chien and Mark Lemley’s paper, Patent Holdup, the ITC, and the Public Interest, proposes three principal reforms to the manner in which the International Trade Commission (hereinafter, the “ITC” or “the Commission”) should exercise its discretion in awarding exclusion orders against the importation of patent-infringing goods: first, the ITC should sometimes soften the impact […]

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