Cornell Law Review Volume 95 Issue 4

Reply: The Complexity of Commons

This Reply responds briefly to some of the challenges to and critiques of our article, Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment, offered by Professors Thrainn Eggertsson, Wendy Gordon, Gregg Macey, Robert Merges, Elinor Ostrom,and Lawrence Solum.  We are extremely grateful for the attention these scholars have devoted to our article and find the comments both constructive and complementary to our perspective in ways that substantially contribute to our project.  We appreciate these extensions to our project and find that we agree with many of the commenters’ suggestions, even if we cannot address all of them in this Reply.  Instead, the Reply captures our responses to the most salient points among their comments.  Some of those, as noted below, are reflected in modifications to the article itself.  The full measure of others can be taken only in time as the research proposed in the article emerges through further commons case studies.


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