The Legal Workshop

In 2009, members of several top-ranked law reviews and journals in the United States joined together to launch The Legal Workshop, an online forum for legal scholarship.  The Legal Workshop allows readers to follow contemporary legal scholarship and remain aware of emerging areas of legal academia.

The Legal Workshop posts editorials, which are shorter works summarizing material in the notes, essays, and articles published in the participating law reviews and journals.  The Legal Workshop also provides links to full versions of the actual publications and encourages legal scholars to respond to the editorials and published pieces.  Readers are able to post responses that will appear in a “comment” section after the editorial.

The Legal Workshop editor verifies and examines every editorial that appears on The Legal Workshop website.  Each editorial receives the same rigorous review that a piece published in the printed journal receives.

Participating law reviews and journals include: Cornell Law ReviewDuke Law JournalGeorgetown Law JournalNYU Law ReviewNorthwestern University Law ReviewStanford Law Review, and University of Chicago Law Review. The Legal Workshop expects to grow as new law reviews and journals continue to join.

The current Legal Workshop Editor for Cornell Law Review is Adrian Ramos.

Visit The Legal Workshop at: